Recently I was asked to complete a house clearance for a property in Sutton Coldfield for a couple who had travelled up from London.

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We do our best to be sensitive to the needs of the customer

Their uncle had passed away which was stressful enough but they also had the responsibility of getting the property ready to put on the housing market. When speaking to the couple they informed me that they could not find the deeds for the house and had been looking for them for the past two weeks.

I was aware of how upset the couple were so paid special attention to locating the deeds for them, which I found in a wooden box in the garage. The couple were delighted as this was now one less thing that they needed to worry about.

House clearance is more than just clearing a property, it is being sensitive to the needs of the customer and in this case doing everything I could to make the grieving process a little easier.

When clearing properties no nook or cranny is missed, I treat each house clearance as if it was of my own family members homes I was clearing.