A loved one moving from their home into residential care can be a daunting time, it is likely that you will be feeling a mixture of emotions.

Cleansweep House Clearance recently cleared a property in Birmingham where a gentleman had lived in the property for 60 years but due to health conditions was moving to residential care in Sutton Coldfield. Using a house clearance service allowed the family to concentrate on their father rather than worrying about having to spend extra time and money clearing the property themselves.
Adaptations had been made to the property over the years which meant that his furniture would no longer fit through the doors for removal. However Cleansweep House Clearance didn’t let this stop them and sawed the furniture in half to allow it to be removed from the property.
The customer was very pleased with the house clearance service that was provided by Cleansweep and was able to provide the keys back to Birmingham City Council safe in the knowledge that she would not be receiving any extra charges from the council for removal of goods.